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Mobile, AL


I was born in SW Missouri, near the Queen City of the Ozarks, and left home as a result of the Vietnam War.

I didn’t begin painting until after retirement from 35 years of mostly “left brain” activity including achieving Vice President of Industrial Engineering & Planning and Program Vice President of a major program at a Fortune 100 company.

I have surprised myself and all who know me….”Who woulda thunk”

Essentially, I am self-taught, with strong guidance from a fantastic local painter and gallery/art store owner. I have also read tons of books and watched hours of DVDs and I am continually influenced by Monet.

My work to date is very eclectic, as I paint what I like and I am still experimenting with style and subjects. I paint for myself and there are only a couple pieces that I don't like. When other people enjoy my paintings, it is lagniappe, and their honest critique is a forcing function to continue.

Thank you for viewing.


Monet Sunrise by DG by DG Ewing


No Cell Phone by DG Ewing


Run Rob Run by DG Ewing


Jackie's Garden by DG Ewing


Kramer by DG Ewing


His Heros are Cowboys by DG Ewing


Pansies in Tin Can by DG Ewing


Copper Vase and Lilacs by DG Ewing


Sunrise at Sand Island Lighthouse by DG Ewing


Pears by DG Ewing


Topper by DG Ewing


Dixie's Garden by DG Ewing


Young Women on the Beach by DG Ewing


A Road Least Traveled by DG Ewing


Ozark Woods by DG Ewing


Flowing Waters by DG Ewing


Forty Acres by DG Ewing


Men cant live with them by DG Ewing


Daisies in Green Vase by DG Ewing


Cows and Storm by DG Ewing


Butterfly by DG Ewing


1st Camille and Jean Monet by DG Ewing


Camille and Jean Monet by DG Ewing


Italian Steps by DG Ewing


Julian Homestead Barn by DG Ewing